Use these 3 simple techniques to advertise your small business3

Use these 3 simple techniques to advertise your small business. Getting your small business ‘out there’ and knowing how to reach out to customers, engage with them and ultimately get them to buy into you or from you can seem daunting at times. Here at Silverback we’ve come up with what we think are 3 great ways to overcome this and give your business a foot in the door in 2016.

Have a read through and please do jump in and comment with your thoughts.

1 – Using a varied marketing approach

adDifferent people respond to different types of media. People also change quickly and what might of worked a few years ago may have no impact at all now! Don’t be like a lot of small business’s who see something work once and then stick with it, blindly ignoring the multitude of other advertising mediums that are available.

The other problem we see is that small business’s want to target the largest groups of customers possible, ignoring the fact that the majority of those may have no interest in their product or service. Sometimes targeting a much smaller niche with a laser targeted advert can yield much better results. Newspaper classified ads, leaflet drops, business cards, social media, news letters, special offer flyers, websites, vehicle graphics etc.

2 – Don’t neglect the customers you already have

Many business’s large and small, focus on acquiring new customers and neglect the existing ones. How many times have you signed up for something or bought something only to see a better offer or worse, new customers getting a better deal than you

Social engineering concept: horseshoe magnet capturing crowd of color human figures isolated on white background

and the company involved can’t or won’t do anything about it!

Sending a secondary offer to customers immediately after they have bought something or even giving them that offer during the

initial buy to up-sell them in some way can work well. A 20% discount off any order in the next 60 days, included with their order can also give them a reason to keep your details and come back to you soon.

Setup a loyalty scheme where customers can build up rewards or points or discounts against future items.

Sending out a simple ‘Thank You’ letter (not eMail), with no other agenda other than to literally say ‘Thanks’, can leave a phenomenal impression with your customer as it is something which is rarely done. Who do you think that person is going to recommend next time your type of business comes up in conversation?

Over-deliver on everything you do for them. If you know you can deliver an order in 48 hours, tell the customer it’s 72 hours. If it’s going to be a week, tell them 10 days. Then always include either a small ‘freeby’ or a discount voucher or secondary offer as explained above. We’ve seen customers send out free car air fresheners with their car related products – printed up with their contact details on them – free gift and free advertising all in one – and a happy customer who got their order the day before they expected it! Who are they going to remember and recommend.

Don’t neglect the existing customer – you’ve already worked hard to get them so do the little things to keep them. Make sure to use not just one but use these 3 simple techniques to advertise your small business.

3 – Use Social media


A lot of business’s who are either established for a few years or have a slight technophobe mentality, neglect social media as something the kids do or just simply not as an important selling tool. To do this is to overlook the largest FREE selling tool available today!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, LinkedIn and YouTube all have multiple individuals and business’s who either solely trade on one or more of these platforms or who use them for the majority of their customer acquisition.

By interacting on social and using the platforms you can share you’re story, share your products, help other people out with your expertise, seek out conversations about your type of business or people looking for your type of work. There are many ways to do social but DO look into it and DON’T just bombard your Facebook followers with advert after advert – that’s not what it’s about. If you think of each platform as a room full of people – you wouldn’t just walk in and start shouting about your latest offer and how good you are. You’d talk and listen, build up relationships and conversations with groups of people. Do social the same way and you WILL get business through it.

And that’s my Saturday morning ramblings over with. Please do dive in and give us your thoughts.

If there’s anything you’d like us to look into for you or you have any ideas for a future article, please let us know.

We hope you’ll use these 3 simple techniques to advertise your small business.

Have a great weekend from everyone at Silverback Print 🙂